ICV will introduce U.S. and European Biopharmaceutical Companies to Investors, Potential Partners and Government Officials located in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Japan is one of the world’s most developed and sophisticated healthcare markets, especially in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology space. Behind the U.S., Japan is the second world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market.

Japan not only has a complex and rewarding reimbursement scheme for marketed products, but a vibrant R&D landscape with particularly innovative incentives. In areas such as Regenerative Medicine, for instance, Japan is the global leader, having implemented a unique regulatory mechanism in 2014 for the expedited approval of Regenerative Medicines.

On a macro level, the country’s rapidly aging population, with the 65-and-older demographic on track to increase from 25% to 40% of the population, presents huge challenges for government and the economy and creates huge opportunities for innovation and international expansion. Because of this, Japan is increasingly opening up to foreign markets and to international companies operating within the country.

Our comprehensive and customized delegation visits provide insights into operating throughout Asia and U.S. – Asia relations, as well as the opportunity to explore potential investment and cross-border partnering opportunities.

With a targeted approach and sustained investor engagement after the delegation visit, entry into Japan can be transformational.


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