ICV connects hard-to-reach family offices, the world’s leading investment managers, chief executives of impact companies, economists, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, civil society leaders, academics, scientists, best-selling authors and artists to share their ideas, insights and outlook in a collaborative and safe environment.


At our roundtable events, we gather some of the brightest minds from different disciplines and spheres of influence who, by virtue and wealth, can advance corporate responsibility, capitalize businesses at significant levels, and improve the wellbeing of humankind.

Our goal is to empower these like-minded leaders to apply their resources, wealth and talent to finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Roundtable: Peace and Security for Sustainable Development

On the observance of the International Day of Peace, ICV hosted a special gathering that marked the first time that three Nobel Peace Laureates directly engaged investors and philanthropists and their first contribution in New York since the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates obtained consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

At ICV Presents: An Evening with Three Heroic Women, Leymah Gbowee, Shirin Ebadi, Tawakkol Karman, shared their experiences and insights in meeting personal and global challenges and policies for a more peaceful, secure and sustainable world.

On this unique and special occasion, the small gathering investors controlling over $100 billion in assets gained new insights into the interconnected risks that may disrupt a well-thought-out portfolio designed for future generations and the interrelation between peace and sustainability.