Michael Green
Author, The Illuminated Rumi

Michael Green has been a woodworker, landscaper and television art director. His talents found an enduring place in publishing. “All the bookstores around the country became my gallery,” he says. With his signature blending of art and text, his books include Zen & the Art of the Macintosh, Unicornis, Welcome to the Planet Earth, The Illuminated Prayer, and The Illuminated Rumi–an international best-seller. Over 2,500,000 of his books and calendars are currently in print.

He has now turned to art installations and animations aimed at shifting the way we perceive reality. Green’s personal and artistic quest has always pointed, like modern physics, to a mysterious unity underlying the apparent multiplicities of reality. But the irony of this transcendent field is that the ardor it can arouse–religiosity–often as not divides the human family. It’s an anomaly that threatens the entire planet right now. If politicians and priests fail to find common ground, perhaps art can work to open hearts and minds and doors.